6 HighQ Dataroom Alternatives

HighQ Dataroom Alternatives

HighQ is a popular platform for improving the process of law firms and government agencies, which simplifies your work with its artificial intelligence-based system. However, despite its popularity, the platform cannot fit absolutely all companies in the law and legal industry. That is why there are highq dataroom alternatives, which have a similar concept and basic functions, but which provide different services. In this article, we will review 6 alternatives to HighQ.

Quixy – Product Overview

Quixy is a cloud-based, no-code program that gives businesses and business users the ability to automate their operations and create enterprise applications of varying levels of complexity that could meet a company’s unique needs much more efficiently than anything else.

Manual work would practically come to naught, because Quixy can quickly turn your idea into reality, making your organization more productive, and equipping it with more innovative tools.

Typically, Quixy is used by corporations who want to create their business applications.  Quixy has a lot of advantages, the main ones being:

  • Advanced management capabilities, which apply to almost all aspects of work, this includes project management, document management, deadlines, etc.
  • Ready-made project templates
  • Monitoring and auditing capabilities, activity tracking
  • Document repository, drag-and-drop features, automatic notifications and the ability to leave comments or notes, and collaborative editing

Asana – cloud-based enterprise collaboration

Asana is an assistant that will support you in all aspects of your business, which includes both daily tasks as well as strategic planning and initiative. With the implementation of Asana, you will notice a significant increase in your company’s productivity level and employees will gain more confidence. Companies in more than 100 countries around the world use and trust this platform.

 Asana is distinguished by its ease of use, and extensive collaborative project management capabilities.

eLegere – Overview

eLegere is a unique platform, the main feature of which is considered to be low code that helps transform various processes and business operational data into centralized digital assets. The revolutionary SOP Management solution allows the software to manage distributed data and shadow operational processes without limits.

Another feature of it is considered easy to set up mobile or web applications for collaboration, document sharing, or validation. The program is used by executives from any business industry who want to manage different types of processes and data.

Wrike – Overview

Wrike is software that has been repeatedly awarded for its versatile services in project management. More than 20,000 companies around the world now use this platform. With it, you can create an easily customizable digital space, updates, activity reports, and integration, with more than 400 applications to optimize all processes. Wrike focuses mainly on large and medium-sized businesses.

Samepage – overview

Samepage is a collaboration software through which your teams can create, share and collaboratively edit documents. It also allows you to manage your calendar, tasks and draw charts or tables, all in real-time. The program guarantees data security during exchanges, and with shared secure chat and video calling features you can keep in touch with your colleagues remotely, but still just as effectively.

PACTA – Overview

PACTA is the perfect software option for contract lifecycle management. With this space, businesses from any industry can negotiate, sign documents remotely, securely exchange and review documents. The program automates many legal processes based on AI.